Art Kraft

Pan Channel Letters

LED Illuminated - Can be mounted flush to wall, or attached to a raceway.

Pan channel letters are popular with multi-tenant areas such as strip malls, as well as building fascias that are too large for box signs.

The “can” as it is called (the sides and back of the letter) are constructed using a state-of-the-art computer-controlled metal bender for precise and consistent letters every time.

These are then affixed with acrylic faces and internal LED illumination to create a quality letter that can withstand the elements.

Reverse Channel Letters

LED Illuminated to create a halo effect. Typically mounted with stand-off pins to allow for lighting.

For a more upscale look, reverse channel letters are perfect for adding elegance to your business.

Reverse channel letters are constructed entirely of aluminum (no acrylic faces), and illuminate at night by creating a halo effect against the wall.

Open Faced Channel Letters

Typically neon illuminated with exposed tubes. Can be raceway or flush mounted.

For a more retro style, open faced channel letters add a vintage aesthetic to your business.

Open face letters are fabricated out of sheet aluminum and painted with acrylic enamel paint to match any desired look.