Art-Kraft Sign Company, Inc.

Freestanding Signs

Single or Double Poles, with skirted or decorative base.

Elevate the appeal of your large multi-tenant developments or anchor tenants with our well-suited signage solution. Our signs seamlessly incorporate decorative embellishments and design elements inspired by the adjoining building, creating a cohesive and visually stunning look for your business or property. Enhance your brand presence and leave a lasting impression with our customized signage designs.

Pylon Signs

Single or Double pole, perfect for single tenants

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to freestanding signs? Look no further than our pylon signs. Designed to prioritize clear identification, these signs offer a streamlined and minimalistic approach without any extra decoration. Save on expenses while ensuring your business stands out with our affordable and highly functional pylon sign solutions.

High Rise Signs

Signs higher than 50 feet

When it comes to interstates or locations with obstructions demanding exceptional clearances, high rise signs are the ideal solution. These towering signs require specialized expertise in construction and installation to achieve their sky-scraper status. Trust our team’s experience and skill to deliver high rise signs that make a commanding statement, ensuring your brand reaches new heights in visibility and impact.

Recent Freestanding Sign Projects