Art Kraft

FCO Letters

Pin mounted, or flush mounted. Typically non illuminated

Interior Fabricated Cut Out Letters can be used to create stunning displays for any interior space. With multiple substrates such as acrylic, PVC board, aluminum, and HD Foam, complex designs with multiple depths and dimension can be achieved.

You can also add digitally printed graphics to the letters to create stunning displays that are sure to impress.

Wall Vinyl

Digitally printed graphics applied direct to the wall.

With the advent of large format digital printers, wall displays have become increasingly popular. Basically a large sticker, the vinyl is printed with UV stable inks, and laminated to help prevent damage from abrasions. Large tiled graphics can cover almost any smooth surface with color and images once only achieved through expensive painted murals.

Digital Displays

Great for directories or up to the minute information

Digital LCD displays are perfect for any information or way finding signage that requires frequent updates. Mounted screens can be configured in multiple formats, and information can be fed via your existing local network, Internet or through USB drives.