Art Kraft

Box Sign

Aluminum Cabinet with Plastic Face

With multiple face styles available, the wall sign has become the unsung hero of shopping plazas and strip malls.

These signs are constructed from extruded aluminum with internal LED lighting. Faces can be built from a variety of materials, with the most common being pan formed acrylic (shown here).

Contour Wall Sign

Illuminated or Non-Illuminated

Similar to a large channel letter, these signs are fabricated from rolled aluminum, welded around a thick aluminum back.

Typically illuminated with LED lighting and a trim-capped flat acrylic face. Contour Wall Signs are a great way to give a custom look for your brand or business without the expense of individual channel letters.

FCO Acrylic Letters

Pin mounted, or flush mounted. Typically non illuminated

When illuminated letters or wall signs are restricted, the Fabricated Cut Out letter is the perfect solution. Cut from either 1/4″ acrylic or 1/8″ thick aluminum, these letter give a lot of bang for the buck.

Pin mounted with stand-offs will give a nice 3D effect for an otherwise flat sign.

See more about FCO letters on our Interior Signs page.